10 days after fire, American Furniture Mfg. begins shipping
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ECRU, Miss. — On Monday, American Furniture Manufacturing began shipping its first products following a fire Jan. 5 that destroyed the company's warehouse. 

The company resumed motion and recliner manufacturing here last Tuesday and today began production from six stationary upholstery lines set up in the same portion of the plant. The motion and recliner portions of the factory were untouched by the fire. The company's stationary production area was not significantly damaged by fire but suffered smoke damage. It is expected to be cleaned an operational within three weeks, according to Randy Spak, AFM president.

An additional seven lines will be brought on stream next week at a 200,000-square-foot warehouse in nearby Houlka, Miss.

"That will give us 13 stationary lines up and running by next week," said Spak. "In addition, we're going to run four lines on a second shift at night."

Those 17 lines will bring the company back to effectively full capacity. It had 18 stationary lines running at the time of the fire. Spak indicated the company is also looking to add some Saturday production to achieve the volume of that 18th line.

"We've tried to communicate regularly with our employees and our customers giving them updates every other day as things have progressed," Spak said. "Our customers have been very gracious and supportive as we work through this."

The cause of the fire is still unknown.


American Furniture is excited to announce that we are moving toward normal production even faster than anticipated.

 Plant 2 Motion-Recliner plant will be starting production tomorrow Tuesday, 1/9/18.

All plant 2 production employees please report to work tomorrow at your normal time.


We would like to thank all first responders: fire fighters, police, medical, AFM employees and volunteers for their amazing efforts in battling the fire yesterday. Your heroic actions helped minimize the damages and will allow us to return to manufacturing furniture much faster-than-anticipated.

We are pleased to report that following an inspection of our facility today, AFM will be manufacturing furniture very soon. The details are:

  1. The Motion and Recliner factory was untouched by the fire and is in pristine condition. We can operate this plant normally once we get power connected.
  2. The Stationary factory is structurally sound and only needs some minor clean up from smoke. We have a restoration company on standby ready to start the cleaning processes.
  3. The warehouses containing valuable raw materials are inusable condition.
  4. The offices, IT/computer system and all other Administrative functions were not harmed.

AFM is very thankful to be in a position to return to normal operations so quickly. We will issue updates frequently via the American Furniture website, Facebook page and media outlets.

We are working closely with the Mississippi State Fire Marshal to determine the cause of the fire and get final approval to restart manufacturing operations again.

American Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the largest, upholstered furniture assemblers in the furniture industry. AFM's upholstered products are assembled in Pontotoc, Mississippi using both foreign and domestic components and parts. All AFM tables are imported.



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